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Land of the giants.

The PHENOMENAL work of renowned Australian hyperrealist sculptor Ronald “Ron” Mueck, in Great Britain, a former model maker and puppeteer of children’s programs and feature films. Source/ Ron Mueck on Facebook

[Cloud USA video] That’s The Way Love Goes.

[Cloud USA video] That’s The Way Love Goes..

She’s fallen and she can’t get up.

AND swimming through grass in London. Giant promotional sculptures commissioned by London Ink of the Discovery Channel. Source / toxel.com

Skating on thin ice.

Fractal art quilt designed on computer, hand dyed and hand stitched cotton and velvet. A meteorite has landed on a bed of ice, broken through, and caused a catastrophe.  “Skating on Thin Ice”… Continue reading

Your sink can be a work of art.

Hand-make and wheel-thrown by artist Brigette Kinney of Dragons Breath Pottery. Incidentally, she makes her own glazes, which is the only way to be sure of what’s in them.  

Pretty pottery for trees.

Lovely urban ceramic jewelry for trees, by artist NeSpoon in Poland. Source: Unurth Street Art


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— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ RAINY Entertainment has released a new video—an abbreviated version of Rain’s rendition of the song “It’s Fortunate”, the song Rain…

[Cloud USA video] I Just Called to Say I Love You.

I love Cloud USA! Haha. I love my WP share button. Hoho. 😀 [Cloud USA video] I Just Called to Say I Love You..

Bet you’ve never seen San Francisco Bay like this.

An amazing talent. Art quilt maps by award-winning textile maker and environmental activist Linda Gass. Photographs by Don Tuttle. Frisco Bay with salt ponds Palo Alto Quality Control Plant California Gold Rush


It is a miniature planet that has fallen to Earth? Or representation of the surface of the sun? Nope. Sponge ceramic lamps for indoors and outdoors, handmade by Pott in Spain. Source /… Continue reading

How to be a ceramic hair stylist.

And other cool things like adding age to a face, or mental unbalance, even how to sculpt fingers. Instruction by French sculptor Philippe Faraut, who works in clay, terra cotta, bronze, and marble.… Continue reading

Vortexes, waves, nests and eggs.

From start to finish, all thrown by hand, and altered and carved, one at a time, by Jennifer McCurdy. (Doesn’t the first one remind you of the Olympic Flame? Kinda? 🙂 ) Jennifer… Continue reading

Black-on-black, and red-cut vases.

From the naturally occurring clay in the region, dug straight from the ground, and fired in cottonbark-fueled pits. Mata Ortiz Pottery.  

[Cloud USA video] Every breath you take.

N-i-c-e. LOVE it. [Cloud USA video] Every breath you take..

Things that make you go hmmmmm…

Ceramic art by Kate McDowell. Source / Desi Colours

The mouse takes the cheese.

Not really. It’s for your butter. 🙂 Handmade, functional stoneware pottery. Swiss cheese butter dish by Kathleen at Sherwood Inn Pottery.

Leaves, ‘shrooms, and bark, oh my.

Decorative ceramic stone wear inspired by nature. Designed and handmade by Joan Hardie of Bitter Beck Pottery. Wall piece, large plane leaf collage Wall piece, sycamore collage Vessel, burdock vase Sculptural pieces, mushrooms… Continue reading

A neverending cup of coffee.

That’s what you’d be drinking out of THAT. Yingge Pottery town photos credit / Julie K in Taiwan   Giant pottery made in Yingge / Source Taiwan, The Heart of Asia  

Sexy Back Rain.

I LOVE THAT POST ON WORDPRESS BUTTON. HAHAHA! [quickie][fan made] Look what we just shared on FB and Twitter….

Big foot.

Fresh from the kiln, the giant ceramic foot… …that belongs to one of the gigantic walking legs that were slated to be at the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 in Xi’an. Okay, that’s huge.… Continue reading

Mosaic cars.

And a sofa also tiled with broken pottery mosaic-style at the Highland Stonewear factory/shop in Lochinver, U.K. Source: Singing Weaver Source:  BBC News From another angle. Source: Bob Jones

Serve food in a rainbow.

Hand-formed, hand-pressed and bisque-fired, with each square individually glazed. That is a LOT of work. Large Rainbow square Serving Bowl by Jennifer @JMN Pottery

Looks like a hollowed out geode!

But it is wheel-thrown out of porcelaneous stoneware clay, coated with a special Lava Textured Glaze on the outside and the artist’s trademark metallic crackle finish on the inside. Safe for serving light… Continue reading

62-year-old shoes.

Created by an Indian potter around 1950. Red slip decorated with black mesquite sap paint, with “Pedro” carved on the bottom of one shoe. Papago Indian Red Pottery Shoes at Old Territorial Indian… Continue reading