Monthly Archive: June, 2012

How to be a ceramic hair stylist.

And other cool things like adding age to a face, or mental unbalance, even how to sculpt fingers. Instruction by French sculptor Philippe Faraut, who works in clay, terra cotta, bronze, and marble.… Continue reading

Vortexes, waves, nests and eggs.

From start to finish, all thrown by hand, and altered and carved, one at a time, by Jennifer McCurdy. (Doesn’t the first one remind you of the Olympic Flame? Kinda? 🙂 ) Jennifer… Continue reading

Black-on-black, and red-cut vases.

From the naturally occurring clay in the region, dug straight from the ground, and fired in cottonbark-fueled pits. Mata Ortiz Pottery.  

[Cloud USA video] Every breath you take.

N-i-c-e. LOVE it. [Cloud USA video] Every breath you take..

Things that make you go hmmmmm…

Ceramic art by Kate McDowell. Source / Desi Colours

The mouse takes the cheese.

Not really. It’s for your butter. 🙂 Handmade, functional stoneware pottery. Swiss cheese butter dish by Kathleen at Sherwood Inn Pottery.