Hi. Call me Donna or nonono. (FYI, NoNoNo is my favorite Rain song and will be no matter how old it gets or how many others he makes. He was telling some stupid, unfaithful heifer no no no, no more love here, get to stepping. No no no sarang.) I myself have no “sarang” (love) or use for stupid stuff. We’re alike that way.

I can be a pretty nice gal sometimes, when my buttons aren’t pushed. As long as people use common sense, don’t snivel, and don’t act like they were raised by wolves.

Anyways, hi, welcome to my blog and all that. I want to learn to make pottery one day, and art quilts. I like classical music, R&B,  some Korean popular and traditional music.

Want to check out a dude who’s real, get a load of TigerJK. It doesn’t get any more real than that. He is something else and a breath of fresh air.