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Land of the giants.

The PHENOMENAL work of renowned Australian hyperrealist sculptor Ronald “Ron” Mueck, in Great Britain, a former model maker and puppeteer of children’s programs and feature films. Source/ Ron Mueck on Facebook

She’s fallen and she can’t get up.

AND swimming through grass in London. Giant promotional sculptures commissioned by London Ink of the Discovery Channel. Source / toxel.com

How to be a ceramic hair stylist.

And other cool things like adding age to a face, or mental unbalance, even how to sculpt fingers. Instruction by French sculptor Philippe Faraut, who works in clay, terra cotta, bronze, and marble.… Continue reading

Vortexes, waves, nests and eggs.

From start to finish, all thrown by hand, and altered and carved, one at a time, by Jennifer McCurdy. (Doesn’t the first one remind you of the Olympic Flame? Kinda? 🙂 ) Jennifer… Continue reading

Things that make you go hmmmmm…

Ceramic art by Kate McDowell. Source / Desi Colours

Leaves, ‘shrooms, and bark, oh my.

Decorative ceramic stone wear inspired by nature. Designed and handmade by Joan Hardie of Bitter Beck Pottery. Wall piece, large plane leaf collage Wall piece, sycamore collage Vessel, burdock vase Sculptural pieces, mushrooms… Continue reading

Big foot.

Fresh from the kiln, the giant ceramic foot… …that belongs to one of the gigantic walking legs that were slated to be at the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 in Xi’an. Okay, that’s huge.… Continue reading

Mosaic cars.

And a sofa also tiled with broken pottery mosaic-style at the Highland Stonewear factory/shop in Lochinver, U.K. Source: Singing Weaver Source:  BBC News From another angle. Source: Bob Jones

Waves, twists, and fragments. Oh my.

Ceramic sculpture by London-born Matthew Chambers. Eclipse Increase Nest

Ceramic stiletto shoe ornaments.

You read that right, these are freestanding ceramic sculptures, fired in platinum with a black detail. Ridiculously cute. Source: Twizzles

We always use one when we should use the other.

Anatomical textile sculptures by French artist Karine Jollet. Heart Brain

Sound wave.

Made out of melted vinyl records in 2007 by artist Jean Shin. Source: Oddee.com   

One foot in front of the other.

For the fine folks over at ToeMail. 😀 Pottery foot vase by Sassydoggs in San Diego, CA. A pinch pot named “Jeremy” by Cindy at Jenny Gulch Pottery & Art, in North Dakota.

Sunflower princess.

By Marie-France. An example of Raku pottery. Source / Mole Hill Studios

The pods are invading! They’re coming to get us!

Not really, don’t panic. 🙂 They started as lathed wood prototypes and were ceramic-casted, SO cool. Golly Pots by Jason Lane. Source / Tending To It


Halima Cassell‘s unglazed, hand-built, hand-carved, faceted pottery! Source / Halima Cassell

Is it a plant, or is it stonewear?

It’s both. 🙂 Ceramic sculptures by Frances Doherty, the Ceramic Gardener. (purple pom pom) (lime green pom pom) (thistle) (towering bells) (scarlet bottle brush)

Oops!!! It happens.

heheh I like. “Accident.” Source / Jeremy at ricochet studio