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Your sink can be a work of art.

Hand-make and wheel-thrown by artist Brigette Kinney of Dragons Breath Pottery. Incidentally, she makes her own glazes, which is the only way to be sure of what’s in them.  


It is a miniature planet that has fallen to Earth? Or representation of the surface of the sun? Nope. Sponge ceramic lamps for indoors and outdoors, handmade by Pott in Spain. Source /… Continue reading

Serve food in a rainbow.

Hand-formed, hand-pressed and bisque-fired, with each square individually glazed. That is a LOT of work. Large Rainbow square Serving Bowl by Jennifer @JMN Pottery

Looks like a hollowed out geode!

But it is wheel-thrown out of porcelaneous stoneware clay, coated with a special Lava Textured Glaze on the outside and the artist’s trademark metallic crackle finish on the inside. Safe for serving light… Continue reading

Ceramic stiletto shoe ornaments.

You read that right, these are freestanding ceramic sculptures, fired in platinum with a black detail. Ridiculously cute. Source: Twizzles

“Beauty masks.”

Hand built custom porcelain masks. Source / Pine Hollow Pottery