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Vortexes, waves, nests and eggs.

From start to finish, all thrown by hand, and altered and carved, one at a time, by Jennifer McCurdy. (Doesn’t the first one remind you of the Olympic Flame? Kinda? 🙂 ) Jennifer… Continue reading

Black-on-black, and red-cut vases.

From the naturally occurring clay in the region, dug straight from the ground, and fired in cottonbark-fueled pits. Mata Ortiz Pottery.  

Leaves, ‘shrooms, and bark, oh my.

Decorative ceramic stone wear inspired by nature. Designed and handmade by Joan Hardie of Bitter Beck Pottery. Wall piece, large plane leaf collage Wall piece, sycamore collage Vessel, burdock vase Sculptural pieces, mushrooms… Continue reading

Pottery west of the Rio Grande.

Southwest Indian art. The incised designs and melon ribs and swirls of Jemez Pottery, direct from the Jemez Pueblo.

Stalagtites, barnacles, and tubes. Oh my.

Fired to 2500 degrees and crackle-glazed by Erin Lunstrum Pietsch of Boise, ID. Source / Pietsch Pottery

One foot in front of the other.

For the fine folks over at ToeMail. 😀 Pottery foot vase by Sassydoggs in San Diego, CA. A pinch pot named “Jeremy” by Cindy at Jenny Gulch Pottery & Art, in North Dakota.


Halima Cassell‘s unglazed, hand-built, hand-carved, faceted pottery! Source / Halima Cassell

Perfect cuts.

Cobalt glaze over porcelain with the glaze etched away by hand using a diamond cutting wheel. By Heinrich. Source / The End of History

It could be fabric.

Ridiculously clever! Source / designer Madieke Fleuren

Black pottery.

Chinese. Burnished by hand. Source / Yips Products Mexican. Black clay. Source / Aesthetic Oiseau  

It looks like me! LOL

Attitude. Hands on hips and all. Donna. Heh. Source / Hand thrown by Monica Jones

Into the fold.

Very cool. Source / Clark House Pottery, and Bill & Pam Clark  

Orange curve. Black satin.

Hand thrown modern pottery by Kim Westad. Source / Wig Archer