Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Pottery west of the Rio Grande.

Southwest Indian art. The incised designs and melon ribs and swirls of Jemez Pottery, direct from the Jemez Pueblo.

Dress to impress.

Decorated white earthenware inspired by Indian patchwork and embroidery. Impressed and applied technique by Pollie and Garry Uttley Ceramics.

A great jellyfish migration.

Molded and slip casted ceramics by Alissa Coe and Carly Waito of coe & waito.

Duck and cover!

Just kidding. These terracotta grenades explode only with soil and seeds. Toss one to the ground and grow a plant. Urban guerrilla warfare “Flower Grenades” designed by Tony Minh Nguyen. Source / UFUNK

[quickie][fan made] Oh. Slowly.

[quickie][fan made] Oh. Slowly..

Waves, twists, and fragments. Oh my.

Ceramic sculpture by London-born Matthew Chambers. Eclipse Increase Nest

Ron Philbeck deco jar.

From this year’s firing. Source: Ron Philbeck on Pinterest

Ceramic stiletto shoe ornaments.

You read that right, these are freestanding ceramic sculptures, fired in platinum with a black detail. Ridiculously cute. Source: Twizzles

[Cloud USA video] Time after time.

[Cloud USA video] Time after time..

We always use one when we should use the other.

Anatomical textile sculptures by French artist Karine Jollet. Heart Brain

Stalagtites, barnacles, and tubes. Oh my.

Fired to 2500 degrees and crackle-glazed by Erin Lunstrum Pietsch of Boise, ID. Source / Pietsch Pottery

A heart in your hands.

White crackle Raku pottery heart by Marie at the Throwing Shop. Source /