Monthly Archive: December, 2011

Orange curve. Black satin.

Hand thrown modern pottery by Kim Westad. Source / Wig Archer    

[quickie][fan made] Thinking of him.

[quickie][fan made] Thinking of him.. via Cloud Usa (I love the wordpress “post this” button haha)

I see toile.

Image / © Gary Edward Rith 2011 That’s what I thought when I saw this great tea set made by Gary Rith. Reminds me of vintage yellow and blue toile. This here.

Apologies don’t always fix stuff.

Save your stupid apology, SoJaeWon, you already raked Ali over the coals. So nice to one rape victim and so nasty to the other one, you are a piece of work. 😦 At… Continue reading

Ron Philbeck techniques.

I love this man’s pottery. The shades of his glazes — to die for. Source / ronphilbeck pottery

A jellyfish and a sleeping fox.

Today we’ve gone to the animals. 🙂 Source / Squirrel & Starling, Oregon (Mazet Studio’s glass jellyfish) (Michael Fromme’s sleeping fox)

Kpop foolishness.

Some kpop fans are insane. They really think they own people. Sunye should’ve cussed that idiot out. Sunye apologizes to a fan for publicly revealing her relationship VIA Allkpop

Why do I like this pitcher?

Because it’s got attitude like me. Wheel thrown, hand-built, glazed by Lilach Lotan of Canada. Source / K C H & G

[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…

[quickie][clip] Look what we just shared on Facebook…. Now this is just plain cute!!!

Mexican ceramics with optical illusions.

Hand-painted lines in a natural green pigment. Wow. This will get visitors in your house talking. Doesn’t need a thing in it! Source / Mata Ortiz Gallery,

The incredible dorodango ball.

“Balls of mud that shine.” I had to see it to believe it! Made by / dorodango artist Bruce Gardner Here’s how it’s done. Video / 3jcydr

Pumpkins that are mums.

I guess I’m having a pumpkin kinda week. 🙂 Source / Better Homes and Gardens

Blue pumpkins!

This is the first time I’ve seen crackle medium used on something that wasn’t furniture. Where the devil have I been??? Source / Beth at Home Stories A 2 Z

Handmade textile design by {me}longings.

Stamping and screen-printing. This woman really knows how to eco-design. I’m in love. (with her products, she’s married) 🙂 If I could design like this and I’d also taken a picture with Rain,… Continue reading

Mblaq’s “White Forever” w/english subs. Yay!

Vid / Lovelykpopsubs8

A bowlful of color.

Source / jbpapier

Max and Yunho at Kpop Masters in Vegas!

OMG! Damn these two are STARS, make no mistake about it. :noona’s a little hot after looking at that: Vid / waver123

Working with gravity.

Source / mudpuppy, Stylehive

No no no. Get thee gone, girl.

Don’t know what the gal in the song did to him, but it must have sucked! My favorite Rain song of all time. Busan what? Source / lany68

Have you ever seen an art quilt?

It’s about as different from a traditional quilt as night and day. To me, anyway. Source / Caryl Bryer Fallert, Bryerpatch Studio

You know when you’ve run into an awesome piece of pottery.

You get the URGE to drink or eat out of it right away. Source / Patton Pottery