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Skating on thin ice.

Fractal art quilt designed on computer, hand dyed and hand stitched cotton and velvet. A meteorite has landed on a bed of ice, broken through, and caused a catastrophe.  “Skating on Thin Ice”… Continue reading

Bet you’ve never seen San Francisco Bay like this.

An amazing talent. Art quilt maps by award-winning textile maker and environmental activist Linda Gass. Photographs by Don Tuttle. Frisco Bay with salt ponds Palo Alto Quality Control Plant California Gold Rush

We always use one when we should use the other.

Anatomical textile sculptures by French artist Karine Jollet. Heart Brain

In fiber optic “fabric”, the light is the dye.

A woven light tapestry (paper yarn, optic fibers, and light monitors) by Danish designer Astrid Krogh. Source / Alice at My Modern Met

Texture and tone.

Collection Five. Source / Rav Budwal I’d love to spread these around a room. Jewel tones are my thing.

Handmade textile design by {me}longings.

Stamping and screen-printing. This woman really knows how to eco-design. I’m in love. (with her products, she’s married) 🙂 If I could design like this and I’d also taken a picture with Rain,… Continue reading