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A neverending cup of coffee.

That’s what you’d be drinking out of THAT. Yingge Pottery town photos credit / Julie K in Taiwan   Giant pottery made in Yingge / Source Taiwan, The Heart of Asia  

Big foot.

Fresh from the kiln, the giant ceramic foot… …that belongs to one of the gigantic walking legs that were slated to be at the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 in Xi’an. Okay, that’s huge.… Continue reading

Beer cans and submachine guns.

I wouldn’t mind lookingĀ  at these thrown in a dang corner. Chinese porcelain by artist Lei Xue I wouldn’t carry this into a fight with another submachine gun but it would be cool… Continue reading

Li Xiaofeng. I love him.

I posted about this here coat a few days ago. Can’t get over this artist! (the dress is wearable) Sources / Lacoste Polo Shirt / Broken Porcelain in fashion / Discovered: A Qing… Continue reading

Nice paint job.

Yes, they’re real shoes. That you wear. A special Nike sneaker that came out in 2008 inspired by the blue and white wares from the Qing dynasty. JUST COOL. Source / Sneaker News… Continue reading

You couldn’t sneak up on anybody in this coat.

Kidding, it’s not for wearing LOL Made out of traditional Chinese ceramics shards sewn over leather, made by artist Li Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng uses mostly Song, Ming, Yuan, and Qing Dynasty ceramics for his… Continue reading