[Cloud USA video] Faithfully.

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Halima Cassell‘s unglazed, hand-built, hand-carved, faceted pottery! Source / Halima Cassell

In fiber optic “fabric”, the light is the dye.

A woven light tapestry (paper yarn, optic fibers, and light monitors) by Danish designer Astrid Krogh. Source / Alice at My Modern Met

Is it a plant, or is it stonewear?

It’s both. 🙂 Ceramic sculptures by Frances Doherty, the Ceramic Gardener. (purple pom pom) (lime green pom pom) (thistle) (towering bells) (scarlet bottle brush)

Shells and bygones.

Art quilts created by Laurie Swim. Source / Laurie Swim Quilt Art “Bygones” “Shells of a Pearly Hue”

Perfect cuts.

Cobalt glaze over porcelain with the glaze etched away by hand using a diamond cutting wheel. By Heinrich. Source / The End of History

Mushroom lamp.

A single piece of blown glass by Venini. Source / The End of History

A different kind of sex pot.

Jesus H. How does a man like this exist?????????? Rain is Boss. Vid / mystarcorner

Sex pots.

The cutest wheel thrown pottery ever. “Sex Pots” by Jennifer Nesbitt. Source / JMN Pottery

B.A.P. ~ “Warrior”

Other idol groups better be shaking in their boots. THIS IS WHAT I CALL ONE HOT ACT. Welcome boys, where you been all this time, glad to see you!!!!!!!!! A breath of fresh… Continue reading

Texture and tone.

Collection Five. Source / Rav Budwal I’d love to spread these around a room. Jewel tones are my thing.

“Beauty masks.”

Hand built custom porcelain masks. Source / Pine Hollow Pottery  

Philbeck’s first firing of 2012!

Source / ronphilbeckpottery

Li Xiaofeng. I love him.

I posted about this here coat a few days ago. Can’t get over this artist! (the dress is wearable) Sources / Lacoste Polo Shirt / Broken Porcelain in fashion / Discovered: A Qing… Continue reading

Nice paint job.

Yes, they’re real shoes. That you wear. A special Nike sneaker that came out in 2008 inspired by the blue and white wares from the Qing dynasty. JUST COOL. Source / Sneaker News… Continue reading

[CF][Eng captions] Rain’s 55sec J.VJQ commercial spot.

MY WHOLE PELVIS JUST EXPLODED. [CF][Eng captions] Rain’s 55sec J.VJQ commercial spot..  

Oops!!! It happens.

heheh I like. “Accident.” Source / Jeremy at ricochet studio

You couldn’t sneak up on anybody in this coat.

Kidding, it’s not for wearing LOL Made out of traditional Chinese ceramics shards sewn over leather, made by artist Li Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng uses mostly Song, Ming, Yuan, and Qing Dynasty ceramics for his… Continue reading

It could be fabric.

Ridiculously clever! Source / designer Madieke Fleuren

Stop American censorship.

What? Seriously, congress????? I don’t think so. SOPA Infographic. Stop American Censorship. Tell Congress hell no.


Thrown and hand formed, wood fired and soda glazed, “Amputees” by Lisa Ehrich. Source / Ceramic Arts Daily

Cat lady.

“Cat Lady” art quilt, painted on muslin and then appliqued and embroidered together. Quilter / Lisa Monica Nelson

Black pottery.

Chinese. Burnished by hand. Source / Yips Products Mexican. Black clay. Source / Aesthetic Oiseau  

Mr. Simple blows my mind.

Super Junior. Source / SMTown @youtube

It looks like me! LOL

Attitude. Hands on hips and all. Donna. Heh. Source / Hand thrown by Monica Jones